CHAOSMOLOGY @superbooth_berlin  

The XhAOsmology project is a groundbreaking exploration at the fringes of sound, music, and noise. Comprised of composer, electropunk, and clarinetist Alexander Spree and musicologist and guitarist Dr. Michael Mowitz, the project ventures beyond disciplines to discover universal axioms.

Through the means of music, conversation, and free improvisation, XhAOsmology creates sound, noise, language, form, and structure on the border of science and art. The project embodies and transcends the medium to become a holistic, mysterious, never-finished landscape of art, music, and philosophy.

As Fibonacci experts and disciples of Stockhausen, the XhAOsmologists explore the universal laws of the universe through an interactive performance with modular synthesizers and acoustic instruments. These tools act as perceptual organs, allowing them to translate their discoveries into music.

The XhAOsmology Project @superbooth 2023 

Inspired by serial music and powered by improvisation, their music serves as both a space ship and a means of communication. Ultimately, all experiences and questions arise in conversations with humans and in sharing enjoyment of sound art and music. 

With their project feeding off the energy of the happening and being interactive performance by nature, the XhAOsmologists are particularly excited to showcase their studies at the Superbooth 2023. Using analog modular sound synthesis and acoustic experiments, they will showcase parts of their Symphony of Everything, providing attendees with a glimpse into their never-ending process of discovering universal axioms.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the XhAOsmology project’s interactive performance at the Superbooth 2023. Join us as we journey to the fringes of sound, music, and noise, and explore the mysteries of the universe through the power of music.